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Leukerbad – a splendid Swiss resort

Leukerbad – a splendid Swiss resortLeukerbad is roughly an hour’s drive from Bern – the Swiss capital city – at an altitude of 1400 meters above the sea level and is a health resort. Our company “SWISSTRIP” is looking forward to providing you with executive-class cars or buses, as well as render VIP transfer services from Zurich, Basel or Bern airports to Switzerland resorts, so that you can comfortably relax after your flight when having a trip to the resort.

Leukerbad resort attracts tourists throughout the year. It is extremely rich in thermal springs, which are visited by people suffering from arthritis and arthrosis, diabetes, rheumatism, heart diseases, as well as everyone who wants to get rid of psoriasis, overweight, dizziness thyroid gland problems and gynecologic diseases. And that’s not all. People who have no health problems come here just to recover, relax, and regain their former physical and moral shape. Moreover, there is an opportunity for body rejuvenation.

Tourists are attracted not only by an opportunity to keep and repair their health. Apart from that, the town is a ski resort with magnificent scenery and a mild climate; therefore, Leukerbad makes it possible to ski in the Alps and spend time at SPA centers having health-improving treatments at the same time.

The above-mentioned thermal springs are ready to welcome visitors. By the way, there are 22 springs. In each of them, tourists will be able to enjoy swimming pools and beauty salons, which any woman will enjoy visiting. It’s an open secret that the fair sex is fond of having cosmetic procedures, with any woman coming to the Swiss Alps secretly hoping to have her body rejuvenated, and the resort will definitely do that. And together with it you will get an energy boost, with residents of megacities are so short of. Moreover, both men and women will be delighted with jacuzzi, which will guarantee not only cheerful mind, but a therapeutic effect as well.

Due to high temperature the springs – 51 degrees Celsius – it was possible to establish thermal baths in Leukerbad, which are the largest in Europe. Outdoor enthusiasts, who spend all the day round on the mountain ski trails, can relax and recover their strength by enjoying hydro massage. These SPA centers have been well-known since the early 20th century, when the cream of society came here from all over Europe. Then, as now, the resort grants you an unforgettable experience.

Moreover, the resort provides other types of entertainment for those who don’t particularly enjoy mountain skiing. They can play tennis or badminton, as well as visit the local gym. It is possible to practice on your own, at your own discretion or being supervised by a trainer. Extremely experienced staff will be glad to develop a personal program for every client or join the guests at any competition.

People who use ski resorts for the purpose specified only, can do that from mid-October to mid-April. The mountain slopes are up to 2350 meters high. The way to them will become significantly shorter thanks to 49 functioning cable-railways. As far as their complexity is concerned, most of the trails belong to the average complexity level; therefore, both confident professionals and inexperienced skiers will be able to try their hand. By the way, beginners will be able to rent equipment. Mountain trails runs for 60 km, flat ones are a little longer – 70 km. There are 60 hiking trails as well. It is in autumn that walking along them is especially pleasant, but in summer they also give positive energy. Walking in the pine forest and opportunity to breathe the mountain air will inevitably impress tourists and lift their spirits. No less impressed will be those who have visited the famous Daubensee lake.

If for someone common ski trails are not enough, they can entertain themselves with a really extreme sport. This is paragliding – an opportunity to experience the state of flying. If you are slightly fed up with active sports, mini golf will become a perfect option. And contemplation of the most incredible natural landscape will make it possible to relax and experience peace, which often unavailable in the whirl of work.


No way the town life stops at night. Bars and night clubs invite everyone to enjoy dancing and music. Restaurants, on the contrary, make it possible to enjoy the evening in a narrow circle, with your family, for example. History connoisseurs can visit the town center and take great pictures of the local attractions.

Leukerbad is a rather affordable resort; therefore, it can be visited even by the middle class. As far as family holidays are concerned, people often bring their children with them. The reason for that is the combination of active vacations and health improving procedures.

Depending on their financial opportunities and personal preferences, tourists can live in different conditions. Moreover, the choice will also depend on how calm or active vacation you are going to have. Someone will choose an ordinary hotel, which are plenty in any country in the world. Some people will prefer to live in luxury apartments, and some would like to live in campsites. Whatever you choose, you will definitely enjoy your time at the resort.

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Transfer from airports in Switzerland, Austria and Germany to all destinations in Europe

We provide transfer services in Switzerland, Austria and Germany from the following airports: transfer from the airport Geneva and Zurich ; Transfer from the airport Innsbruck and Munich . We also accept orders for transfers from other airports to Switzerland, Austria and Germany.
Our main task is to save you from unnecessary troubles and provide the maximum level of comfort.

    Why is the transfer the most convenient way to get from the airport to your destination?
    Here are a few reasons:
  • Impeccable punctuality: you do not have to spend a minute of your time waiting. If your plane landed at 18.00, this is the time when our driver will be waiting for you;
  • Safety and comfort: you will not have to travel with a random taxi car – our driver will meet you at the airport with a sign and take you to a car prepared especially for you;
  • Possibility to choose. What are your travel preferences? Do you prefer prestige class comfort or a reasonable saving? Our fleet offers cars for every occasion!
  • We work with individual travellers as well as with small groups of tourists.

We suggest you familiarize yourself with the distances from the airports of Switzerland, Austria to the resorts: Transfer from Zurich airport to Verbier - 287 km; transfer from Zurich airport to Zermatt - 232 km; transfer from Zurich airport to St. Moritz - 204 km; transfer from Zurich airport to Montreux - 210 km; transfer from Geneva airport to Courchevel - 185 km; transfer from Geneva airport to Meribel - 179 km; transfer from Geneva airport to Chamonix - 88 km; transfer from Innsbruck airport to Sölden - 85 km; transfer from Innsbruck airport to Mayrhofen - 70 km; transfer from Innsbruck airport to Ischgl - 102 km.

VIP and premium transfers in Switzerland and Europe.

Have you decided to relax and forget about work and worries at a resort? Start relaxing already at the airport – let us take care of you! Our transfer services will help you not to think about how to get to the hotel.

    Our company offers transfer services:
  • to the ski resorts of Switzerland - a transfer from Zurich and Geneva to Zermatt, Verbier, Montreux, as well as a transfer from Zurich to St. Moritz;
  • to the ski resorts of Austria - transfer from Innsbruck to Mayrhofen, Selden, Ischgl, Zell am See, Bad Gastein, Kitzbühel, Lech;
  • to the ski resorts of France - a transfer from Geneva to Chamonix, Val Thorens, as well as a transfer from Geneva to Courchevel and Meribel;
  • to the thermal resorts of Switzerland - transfer from Geneva to Leukerbad and Yverdon, as well as a transfer from Zurich to Bad Ragaz and Bad Zurzach.
We accept transfer orders to other resorts in Switzerland, Austria and France.

    Main benefits of the transfer to the resorts:
  • Our driver will meet you directly at the airport – you do not have to look for a bus or taxi to get to the place of your long-awaited rest;
  • We will certainly help you with your luggage;
  • You can choose the capacity and class of the car in advance – there are both practical economy models and prestige class cars in our fleet. We are also able to accommodate groups in spacious minivan;
  • Transfer to the resort is fast, safe and convenient. You do not have to look for a train or bus and haggle with taxi drivers.

Service for delegations and business groups. Business Transfer from international airports in Europe.

Business transfer is the most convenient way for a large group to arrive from the airport to the destination place on time. When travelling in groups, you probably often faced the issue of not having enough space, leaving someone behind or getting lost on the way to the hotel. Transfer is a great solution to these problems, and here is why:

  • Smooth organization: your group will be met in the arrival area, and all together you will go to the car or minivan;
  • Punctuality: you will not need to wait for a taxi or bus: by the time the plane lands, our driver will already be there;
  • Reliability. You can rest assured: the ordered bus will not leave without you. At the appointed time you will be in the right place.

VIP transfer

Are you used to travelling in comfort and style? For the most sophisticated customers we have prepared a special offer: VIP transfer from the airport to anywhere in the city or country. Luxury car, experienced and polite driver, help with luggage and other important details – we will take care of absolutely everything. Safety and utmost confidentiality.

What is VIP transfer:

  • Modern, prestigious car with the maximum comfort service: spacious leather interior, individual air conditioning system, music of your choice;
  • Experienced and polite driver who speaks your language. He will not only take you to your destination, but can also advise on the best restaurants, interesting excursions and places to visit;
  • Drinks during the trip of your choice - we take care of our VIP clients and do everything to make you feel as comfortable as possible during the trip.

Transfer to the hotel

Individual transfer to the hotel is a new level of comfort for you and your loved ones! You do not have to wander around the airport, look for a bus or train, get into a car with dubious taxi drivers. Our driver will meet you in the arrival area and you will not have to worry about anything else. Our company provides transfers to hotels in Switzerland and Europe from the airports of Munich, Innsbruck, Vienna, Salzburg, Zurich, Geneva, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Milan and Turin.

Benefits of the transfer to the hotel:

  • You will be met in the arrival area with a sign and taken directly to the hotel – you will certainly not get lost in the airport or in the city;
  • Comfortable car, which you can choose yourself – from practical economy to luxury prestige class;
  • Help with luggage – you do not have to rush around the airport with heavy suitcases and then load them into a special compartment of the bus – our driver will take care of it for you;
  • Favourable price – usually, an individual transfer from the airport to the hotel is cheaper than a taxi.

Travel Concierge

Travel Concierge Services – this is a comprehensive "all-in-one" solution – your touristic trips are managed by a single point of contact. We will fully plan your future travel - going beyond the scope of simple travel logistics. The travel concierge from the company "Swisstrip" will take care of booking your accommodation and will reserve the best spot in the prestigious restaurant in the city. Trust our professionalism and experience and take advantage of our domestic and international network of partners. Our specialized team is always ready to help.

  • Travel management solutions - with "Swisstrip" you gain access to privileged offers and rates not available to others. Use a single point of contact for planning all your touristic routes. Your personal concierge will be there for you - before, during, and after your journey.
  • Accommodation assistance - we take care of hotel bookings for your upcoming trip. Prior to your journey, we can propose the most luxurious locations along your route. Experience the magnificence of nature by staying on the beautiful Lake Lucerne in Switzerland. Rest in a magical castle in Scotland, enjoy a beach resort in Dubai, or spend your time in a room with a view of Red Square in Moscow. Contact our company to secure an unforgettable vacation and receive your individual package of services.
  • Dining arrangements and restaurant services - during your stay in the city, we are happy to recommend the finest dining establishments. Even if the desired restaurant is fully booked, through our robust network, our concierge can ensure you get entry to any establishment in the shortest possible time. Your VIP chauffeur, naturally, will be fully aware of all these places, ensuring your safe and timely delivery to your destination.